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With More Than 25 Years Of Combined Experience

Since the creation of Fairfield plumbing and gas in 2015, Director Liam Fuggle has been focused on building a plumbing and gasfitting business where customers are at the centre. He has since built a highly skilled team who hold the same values and emphasis on providing quality workmanship.

A certified Plumber, Gasfitter and Drain Layer, Liam has over eighteen years’ experience in the industry. After becoming qualified and registered in (2010), and then certified, he was determined to establish a business that provided high quality workmanship at a reasonable price provided by a motivated team of professional, friendly, and respectful tradesman.

Liam leads a crew of registered plumbers and gasfitters and enthusiastic apprentices. His team are dedicated problem solvers and will use their knowledge and skill to provide the most effective solution to your plumbing and gasfitting needs. 

  • The client is why we exist
  • Take no short cuts
  • Finish on time
  • Meet obligations no matter what
  • Leave work area clean
  • Arrive on time
Why Us?
why choose us?
We Guarantee Quality
With Every Service

Our number one priority is providing outstanding customer service for each and every job, so that you walk away 100% satisfied each and every time.

  • The client is why we exist
  • Take no short cuts
  • Finish on time
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Meet obligations no matter what
  • Leave work area clean
  • Arrive on time
  • Be trustful
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Frequently Asked Questions
From emergency plumbing services to slab leak repair, we’ve put together
a comprehensive run down of questions we hear most often.
What do you charge for services?

We charge a cost-efficient fee for coming out and quote each job in writing before the work begins. All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are your prices different after normal hours?

One of the biggest ways a seemingly trivial toilet can contribute to the overall sustainable ecosystem of a building is by helping it save water.

How long will a water heater last?

Life spam for mains pressure cylinder between 10-15year.

How hot should my home’s water be?

A domestic hot water cylinder thermostat should be set at 60-65ºC. This is high enough to kill off harmful bacteria such as Legionella.

If i call in for service on saturday will it cost me more?

Please refer to our rates section.

Are all new toilets water saving toilet suites?

Give us a call and we can help purchase the toilet right for you.

What do you do when servicing a tap?

We completely dismantle the tap and relube washier and reseat it.

How Do I Unclog My Main Sewer Line?

We have Jetter Machine to clear any blockage and then use CCTV to ensure that no guessing involved.

Our Team
our team
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Plumbing Technician

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