Here at Fairfield Plumbing , nothing gives us greater satisfaction than watching the reaction of our customers when they see their newly renovated bathroom, kitchen, or laundry.

A newly renovated wet area is also a great addition to any house as it adds character and value.New housing At Fairfield plumbing we specialise in new home plumbing and gas .over our time we have plumbed out over 1000 new builds in Auckland area from one-off architectural designed homes to group housing projects and everything in between.

So if you have any questions feel free to call us .

Modern Professional Bathroom Renovations Auckland

Bathroom Renovations Auckland isn’t just a plumbing and renovation service, but an experience. When it comes to bathroom plumbing renovations, we are the one- call- does- all plug. We provide all services from complete bathroom renovation, supply, design, and bathroom plumbing project management.

Take a journey with us today to provide complete and professional bathroom renovations, as we work with other professionals such as bathroom designers and architects to turn your dream bathroom into a reality with elegance and grace.

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Bathroom Renovations Auckland

What We Do

Fairfield Bathroom Renovations Auckland handles all bathroom-plumbing renovations in Auckland. This we do by collaborating with other qualified professionals, who handle other aspects of home renovations. Whether yours is a large home piping renovation or a small bathroom project, we have you covered. In line with your vision, our bathroom renovation experts work in tandem with other professionals to make your dreams your reality. We support and deliver our bathroom plumbing renovation services to residents across the greater Auckland region.

We understand that bathroom renovation no matter how minor is a daunting task. Our team of professional plumbing renovation experts is always available for professional opinions on bathroom piping and product options, and complete bathroom renovations, often working with professional bathroom architects and designers to provide excellent plumbing services.

Here, we are sure to handle every part of your plumbing and piping renovation project with top-notch care and expertise.

Shower conversion

Fairfield Bathroom Renovation services, you can be sure you are getting modern bathroom plumbing services that are exceptional and fit your home renovation needs. Ours is a company that top-notch building professionals trust for all the plumbing needed for shower conversion services, giving your home an ultra-modern feel, which is both comfy and will improve the market value of your home, should you ever want to sell.

Bath Remodeling

Our professionals offer gas-fitting services, which include gas-fitting installation, repair, overhauls and renovations. We ensure that each service delivered is of the highest quality and well within the client’s budget. We also offer routine checks and maintenance to ensure that all gas fittings are working at their optimum value and track damages to the piping system at the earliest point.

Plumbing Auckland

A plumber’s every dream is to see that they carry out each piping and plumbing installation to perfection. Bath installation and piping are quite tricky as the piping system is like a maze, especially in ultra-modern homes. To fit into the model of the home, the bath installation experts need to meticulously research and exhibit wisdom, skill, and expertise, garnered from years of experience. So, when thinking about the piping associated with bath remodeling, think Fairfield Plumbing.

Shower Installation

Have you gotten a shower and need help installing it? Or do you just need expert advice on the step-by-step process of shower installation? We’ve got you covered at Fairfield Plumbing Services. You can trust that we offer top-notch customer service and our bathroom renovation experts are always willing to answer every question you may have.

As a bonus, we are also available to offer house calls and help fix minor errors in DIY shower installation. These we do without punching holes in your pockets. Our legacy is cost-friendly elegance and comfort in your bathroom.

Shower and Bath

Tired of having just a shower or bath in your bathroom? We are just within your reach. You do not have to go through the hassle of selecting and installing the bath and shower combo alone. We’ve got you. We work with only the best of bathroom designers and architects to deliver top-notch plumbing services.

We offer more than just professional bathroom installation and plumbing services, we are an entire brand of cost-friendly elegance and comfort. So, with each installation, you can be sure that you are getting the best there is within your budget, and each material promises durability and style.

Walk in Shower

Who says it’s too late to install walk-in showers? The joy of working with Fairfield bathroom renovation experts is that with their years of experience, collaboration with other building professionals, and technical skills, they have garnered professional expertise to make seemingly impossible bath spaces become your daydream spa.

So, have some faith. Your small bath space may just be the right room to create your walk-in shower.

Stand-alone Baths

This is a favorite fixture in many modern homes – it can also become a beauty piece in your own space. Stand-alone baths are elegant and modern, with a touch of free-spirited childlikeness. Most people claim that it gives the feeling of a private spa while occupying the tiniest possible space.

It also helps that it is easily movable and is the best choice if you are looking to move houses. At Fairfield, we are the choice plumbing professionals for Auckland architects and bathroom designers complete bathroom renovations, which include haul-overs from traditional bathroom styles to stand-alone baths.

Should you ever want to try such feats, we are your best and safest choice.

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Professional Bathroom Renovations

Why Trust Fairfield Bathroom Renovation Auckland?

A common mistake of homeowners who have gone through bathroom piping related damage is trying to cut costs. They often try to fix their pipes themselves, which may cause further damage.

While it is excellent to give first aid to your bathroom pipes, it is best to leave the technical repairs to plumbing professionals. They have the expertise to fix your leaky and damaged piping system. So, trust them with the piping repairs and bathroom renovations. We do not do haphazard jobs, but commit to fully managing each bathroom renovation project until it tallies with your dream bath space.

We schedule all renovations to meet the client’s timeline and cater to each client based on their specific needs and peculiarities. You can trust that we never overshoot our services and will always update you on the progress of our work, as we take your bathroom from its present state to your entire dream’s glory.

Over time, through our experience and expertise, we have learned to sort through the irregularities that delay your project and complete each renovation task without unnecessary extensions.

Reviews are Our Guide

Through the years, we have earned a steady flow of clientele as each bathroom overhaul project has been a breathtaking success. Delighted clients send in positive reviews and refer Fairfield to others and this has been a massive boost to the bathroom renovation company. By this, we can say confidently, that, unlike other bathroom renovation companies, Fairfield Plumbing treats each client as family and they are always delighted to return.

You’re Never Out of the Loop

Unlike other bathroom renovation companies, with Fairfield Bathroom Renovation Auckland, you are an important part of each bathroom renovation process. Our modus operandi highlights 3 major steps:

Creating a Feasible Working Plan

During your first meeting with the bathroom renovation experts, we explore all available options to elevate your current bath space to your ideal bathroom picture. Here, we take your ideas and expectations and with expertise and skill as our guide, work on the best possible plan there is to make your dreams into reality.

We understand that planning is key to making any project successful, and we discuss materials, the time frame for the job, and your budget. We work to ensure that you get a precise quote that fits within your budget and draft a contract that binds us to the project.

Your Call is Ultimate

As our client, we give you a breakdown of all the materials we will need to complete the bathroom renovation project. You have the choice to go shopping for each material in your style and within your budget. Of course, if you decide to let us do this, you can be sure that we give only the best to you.

Fairfield Plumbing sources only materials of the highest quality from reputable companies across New Zealand, which we can customize to fit your specific bathroom needs.

Now We Can Begin

When all the materials are available, we are set to start the job to see that you get your dream bathroom at the shortest possible time. Our team of bathroom renovation experts always comes through when it comes to bathroom overhauling and renovation services. You can never go wrong with Fairfield plumbing.

Always a Call Away

You do not have to make the call right now, but be sure that when you are ready, we will be here to help guide you to making your bathroom dreams the best reality there is.

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