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If you’re looking for professional, certified and reliable plumbing or gas help in the Auckland region, you can rely on the plumbing expertise of Fairfield Plumbing.

We offer a wide range of commercial and private plumbing and gas solutions.

With high quality workmanship and over 11 years of experience, you will not be disappointed if you choose Fairfield Plumbing for your plumbing or gas needs.

Plumbing and Gas Fitting

Gas fitting is a skilled job that requires certification and a full understanding of piping and safety precautions. Although gas is an efficient source of combustible energy, which gets a wide variety of jobs done, an ill-fitted piping system can lead to disaster. Hence, you will require professional gas fitters if you are looking to install gas pipes, remodel, or correct the wrong installation.

You will also need a gas fitter if you need to install new gas heating; a gas stove top or an oven-cooking feature. A professional gas fitter ensures that all gas fittings alongside their piping network are rightly pieced to prevent gas leaks and fire disasters in your home.

What’s more? You’re in luck, as we offer professional plumbing services alongside gas fitting installation. Considering a renovation of your gas fittings or water piping systems, or simply require general maintenance for your home or business plumbing? Our certified team of plumbers and gasfitters in Auckland are prepared to help.

Our plumbing and gas fitting experts have years of experience, and assure the best services for gas fitting, gas water heater installation, and other plumbing-related issues.

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What We Do

Our Experts are the Best in the Game

Simply put – We keep you safe! Not to scare anyone, but the wrong gas pipe installation protocol is a disaster waiting to happen. We understand that gas fittings make life easy, so we ask that you trust us with your plumbing-related related fittings and piping installations for the best results.

Our professionals are always ready to discuss and prepare workable plumbing plans to fit your style, budget, and timeline. At Fairfield Plumbing, we provide only quality services that are cost-effective and budget-friendly. We offer a wide array of services that cover your plumbing and gas-fitting needs. These include:

All-inclusive Gas-Fitting and Plumbing Services

As New Zealand moves with the modern trend of depending less on electricity and more on energy from gas, it is imperative that the plumbing niche moves along with it. To use this energy source efficiently, homes and industrial businesses must rightly install gas fittings. So, be it for gas water heaters, cooking, or modern fire heaters, we have picked up skills that qualify us to deliver top-notch gas fitting installation and plumbing services. Your gas may be sourced from the kerbside or via LPG gas bottles. No matter your source, we’ve got you covered.

Professional Gas Fittings

Our professionals offer gas-fitting services, which include gas-fitting installation, repair, overhauls and renovations. We ensure that each service delivered is of the highest quality and well within the client’s budget. We also offer routine checks and maintenance to ensure that all gas fittings are working at their optimum value and track damages to the piping system at the earliest point.

Plumbing Auckland

While in Auckland, you no longer need to worry about getting the best plumbing professionals, you’ve got us. We cover a broad range of plumbing services from bathroom and kitchen renovation, to piping relocation, new construction plumbing, and plumbing overhauls. We provide all the services you need when it comes to plumbing and maintaining your piping. This ensures that all your piping systems are durable and perform optimally.

Emergency Repairs and Gas-Fittings

No homeowner plans for leaky water or gas pipes, but these occur more often than you know. It is worse when you do not know any plumbing or gas-fitting companies in Auckland, as these emergencies become distressing.

It is thus comforting that Fairfield Plumbing never turns away an emergency or refuses to help when there is a piping fault. We will always be available to help with gas fittings for gas ovens, and gas heating systems and replace old gas hot water systems. We are always present to take up emergencies and fix all piping problems with durable and efficient solutions.

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What You Get

Fairfield Plumbing doesn’t limit its services to the gas-fitting and plumbing services it delivers, but extends to customer satisfaction. So, by extension, our services afford you:

Services from Gas-Fitting Experts

Our gas-fitting professionals are well-informed on the hazards of gas leakages and adhere to all gas fitting guidelines and safety protocols when fitting your gas pipelines. You can be sure that we do not boycott any protocols or use less-than-quality materials when providing gas-fitting services. Trusting our brand means the world to us, so we would hate to let you down.

We aim to reduce the stress that comes with maintaining gas fittings or renovating after a short time due to poor gas-fitting installation. So, these professionals ensure that your home fittings are top-notch, and use the best and quality materials within your budget for each job.

Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness

You want a plumbing service provider that does not disappoint at crucial times and always delivers what they promise. We tailor our services to suit your budget and provide you with options that blend with your style and fit your house perfectly.

Attention to Detail

When working with such a sensitive part of plumbing as gas fitting and installation, you would need registered professionals with keen attention to detail, experience, and expertise.

Fairfield’s experts are meticulous when it comes to delivering services to clients. We prioritise working with homeowners and other building professionals to ensure that each idea in the working plan melds with real-time work to enhance productivity and ingenuity.

Because we aim to win your trust completely, we provide unparalleled services including home surveys, maintenance, piping corrections, renovation, gas fittings installations, and pipe relocation.

Partner with Major Brands

We partner with several plumbing and piping supply brands across New Zealand and overseas, with track records of excellent and high-quality materials. So, you can be sure that every material we supply and use for your piping system is of the highest quality. This in turn implies that your gas fittings and the piping system will stand the test of time.

What Are the Odds?

It is quite difficult to find the right plumbing service provider to cater to your plumbing and gas fitting needs in Auckland, but you found the best in the game. Our services cater to a wide scope of plumbing needs as well as other homeowner needs such as hot water fittings, home restructuring, and maintenance.

Conveniently, we offer these services and you do not have to contact multiple service providers to get these jobs done. We are also reliable, and prompt in delivering services, while providing guarantees and bonus maintenance services. Our schedule is flexible and we will always work toward achieving your desired results using tenable deadlines.

What do you say?

You do not have to take our word for it, as several testimonials and feedback tell you all you need to know about our brand. Visit us today or book an appointment to ensure that your gas fitting or plumbing job has the right company doing the job. You can never go wrong with a company that cares about your comfort and money’s worth.

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